Alan B & Jacqui Jax

It was a hot April day when I got notification of Keith Urban’s new album Graffiti U, Jacqui & I sat in our sun-drenched back garden just chillin’ and listening to the new album… enjoying each track, some more than others but all in all a good album.  Then came Texas Time it was an immediate ‘sit up and take notice kind of track’.  Counting the beat revealed a straight 64 count – no tags no restarts!   The track was long, but not overlong, so this meant 32counts just wouldn’t enter the mix there would be far too many walls!

Then it was a case of ‘well let’s just see what happens’ and basically the dance wrote itself… The music was gentle, so the steps had to reflect that – nothing too complicated but still ‘interesting’ with a little something along the way to keep the dance ‘entertaining’. The hardest part to get to grips with was the ending and we had a few ‘discussions’ over that!!  Everything else just instantly ‘fit’ and we felt interpreted the music perfectly.

We wanted to release the dance at ‘Eurodance’ a few weeks later but we knew in todays ‘dance scene’ that it would be impossible to hold it that long, we also wanted to test it on the dancefloor and we needed a dance video, so we taught it to our Preston class, it was an instant a hit with them, we then shot the video after the class at about midnight!!!

We sent the script to Linedancer & Copperknob…. Within a week it was appearing in the viewing charts and after 2 weeks was in the top 20 views… we started getting messages via social media that it was being taught and enjoyed in every corner of the UK (and abroad) and also the ‘live artists’ were starting to add it to their sets… this was such a complement and gobsmackingly overwhelming, although we have had many dances do well in recent years we hadn’t had this sort of feedback since Human-Dancer in 2008… wow just realised that’s 10 years ago!!  I don’t think a day has gone by without receiving a message or hearing a comment relating to Texas Time… we were amazed how many already knew the dance when we arrived at Eurodance and their comments where very complimentary which made our workshop interesting and we were able to add a few of our own styling tips for those who had already learnt the dance.

The first time we heard it played ‘live’ was at Fancy Feet Blackpool, we popped along to see Jean Webb on the Sunday afternoon after finishing our Annual Weekend up the road in St Annes, she had Paul Bailey on, we had got held up in traffic getting there (annual bike race) so Paul had already sung Texas Time when we arrived… a few minutes later he sang it again!!! What an amazing feeling it was to have a room full of dancers dancing Texas Time with us while Paul sang.

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be in Southport at Jean & Dee’s Linedance Extravaganza Day where Calico also sang Texas Time… again such a great feeling and more fab feedback from the dancers.

We would like to thank everyone who has taught, danced, played, reviewed, commented on, voted for and most of all enjoyed Texas Time… Everywhere we go it seems to be being enjoyed with accompanying smiling faces, what more can any choreographers ask for!


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