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About Tom Collins

Starting at the age of 15, Tom has been in the business now for over 25 years. He started out touring old folk’s homes and sheltered housing, then when he was old enough he broke into the club scene and spent the next few years mixing cabaret with discos and is still highly sought after for private functions. In 2005, after huge success in his home town of Edinburgh, Tom moved to Blackpool and started to work in the Blackpool and Fylde Coast area where he quickly gathered a new and local fan base. At the same time an official fan club was set up by his fans in Dumferline to include both his Scottish fans and those from Blackpool. The fan club now has over 60 paid members and is continuing to grow with members from as far away as Canada keeping up to date with Tom’s career.

Tom’s son Keiron is an Irish Dance Competitor and this has sparked his latest interest in Irish Dancing.

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